We take your knowledge and connect it with our know-how, ideas and resources to break the limits and take you to new levels.
Belgrano – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Monday — Friday: 9 to 18 hs
LIMA Culture
Human-centered design
Empathy is our cornerstone. We identify the most fundamental needs of your audience, placing people first. We put our creativity at your service.
By correctly applying the scientific method from a humanistic perspective,

expectations and desires become concrete and measurable facts.


We continuously update our processes to improve effectiveness across all spectrums. Every problem is met as a challenge to overcome and keep growing.
Brands need to be conceived of as a set of values that need to be shared. We give what we would like to receive. We make connections. We work so that each project generates a universe of relationships allowing them to grow and expand. We understand our client’s market their partners, fans, collaborators and brand ambassadors.


When we connect these dots, the sense of community springs naturally.


We detect genuineness.

We believe that there is something unique to every project and every person behind it.
Our goal is to bring this originality forward in every venture to turn it into an extraordinary experience.

We work from multiple perspectives to promote diversity.

We explore new territories to broaden our perspective and reach new limits. We do it from CO-LAB , our space for innovation and social impact ventures.

Special thanks to L. Sopp for collaborating with his overly cool illustrations. Visit him at: http://studioviper.com/ for more of his work.

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